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Security |5 Certification

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About Security |5 Certification

What is Security5 Certification?
Any computer user needs to know how to protect their information assets and securely connect to another system over a network.
Security5 certification attests for the working knowledge a computer user possesses to achieve better efficiency in using computing resources. The certification is targeted towards today's knowledge workers who use computing resources in their daily activities. It educates them on practical aspects of security and networking to give them an advantage over common users.

"Security" is a buzz word that is catching up with diverse industry verticals relying on computing systems to keep the operations and business  wheels moving. Today, average office goers sign an ‘Acceptable Use Policy’ that is part of ‘Corporate Security Policies’ and are responsible for any misuse and damage caused on computing resources.

Several companies offer in-house training to raise the security awareness of its employees, while others prefer knowledgeable
workers who have acquired  security related credentials. However, there is a discernable need for knowledge workers who know the basics of security. These employees bring greater value to the workplace in terms of better productivity and higher efficiency. There are lesser downtimes  and security lapses by employees and hence greater cost savings and profits.

Do these employees need to know how to architect a security policy or understand complex firewall rules? No, they do not. What today’s knowledge workers need to bring in a better tomorrow is the ‘Alphabet Soup of Security’ – the basic core knowledge to distinguish between the legitimate and the malevolent. They need to be armed with knowledge  that can complement the system administrator’s security safeguards and the chief security officer’s security architecture for the corporation.

These knowledge workers are not confined to the corporate space alone. They are knowledgeable parents who can guide their children safely in cyberspace,  the knowledgeable citizen who can safely use e-governance resources and the knowledgeable freshman who can help protect intellectual property on the net.

If you are someone who banks online, pays utility bills online, shops online, have children chatting online, downloads shareware and games, communicates over email, subscribes to a broadband connection or someome who uses a computer system at work /home,  then you need to have Security 5 training to help you guard your information assets.

Identity theft, credit card fraud, online banking Phishing scams, virus and backdoors, email hoaxes, sex offenders lurking online, loss of confidential information and hackers are some of the threats you will face on a daily basis. Are you prepared to  face them and defend yourself?

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